What Should I Be Careful Of When Visiting Los Angeles?

Criminal threats in Los Angeles are a reality, especially at key tourist locations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and on public transportation. To stay safe, it's important to hide your money, keep your wallets in your front pockets and hold your bags tightly. Additionally, there are some seasonal problems faced by Los Angeles that travelers should be aware of. Traveling alone has its advantages.

You can do what you want, when you want; you have no one else to answer to and you can challenge yourself and reap the rewards. One of the best ways to explore Los Angeles is by walking the Los Angeles Trail -Isaiah. Even seasoned travelers can struggle to find it difficult in popular destinations such as Los Angeles, which receives more than 50 million visitors in a typical year. While there's no wrong way to visit L, A., it is only about 500 square miles long and encompasses nearly 4,100 square miles and is home to nearly 10 million inhabitants.

It's a lot of land to cover, so don't try to see it all in one visit. Instead, choose one or two areas to focus on, such as the center and east side, or Santa Monica and Venice, and plan your trip around them.Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the largest and busiest airport in Los Angeles, but you can even find cheaper flights to others. Be sure to check rates for all of L, A., including Burbank (BUR), Long Beach (LGB), Ontario (ONT) and Orange County (SNA). According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, average fares to nearby Burbank are 12% lower than LAX, and to Long Beach are 20% lower.People might not walk in Los Angeles, but there are plenty of great trails that offer incredible views of the city.

For great ocean views and wildflowers in spring, AllTrails Program Director Christina Parker recommends Solstice Canyon. For those who want to drive a little outside the city limits, Vasquez Rocks is a unique area with impressive rock formations and an opportunity to get away from the crowds. Thanks to the magic of movies, you might think that it's possible to walk to the most recognizable monument in L, A., the Hollywood Sign. There are walks in Griffith Park that bring you closer to the sign, but you are not allowed to go directly there.

The iconic sign is located on a steep slope and is banned and is monitored day and night for intruders.The city of Los Angeles is very safe for women, as long as they stay away from dangerous neighborhoods (and this doesn't just apply to women). Just follow your basic common sense and general rules about things to avoid, such as poorly lit streets and deserted areas, and you'll be fine.When it comes to tourist traps in Los Angeles, it's not worth visiting everything in Los Angeles, even when a destination is listed in the travel manual. To avoid the worst tourist traps in Los Angeles, check out Culture Trip's list of the best places not to go.Best known for hosting the Academy Awards since 2001, Hollywood's Dolby Theater attracts millions of tourists to the iconic red staircase leading to the theater. However, what you don't see on television is that the theater itself is surrounded by a shopping mall - a mix of fast food restaurants, high-class restaurants, bars and typical shopping mall stores - making it overcrowded with tourists all year round.Perhaps the most glorified sidewalk in the world, the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.

While it's fun to search for favorite actors and artists in the embedded stars, this inevitably only lasts a short time. The entire Walk of Fame encompasses 15 blocks and has more than 2,500 stars - an online tool helps visitors search for the stars they really want to see - but it involves a lot of walking. Not to mention that the Walk of Fame is overcrowded in a tourist area with a lot of traffic.A well-known Los Angeles outdoor mall, The Grove has topped many must-see lists. But its collection of stores and chain restaurants can be found almost anywhere in any state - occasional celebrity sightings aside - making it an uninspiring destination.

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