What Congressional District is Downtown Los Angeles?

The following maps show California's congressional delegation districts. Due to the population increase since the 2000 census, the state won a seat in the House of Representatives, increasing the delegation from 52 to 53 members. District 46 (31.5% D - 43.21% R - 20.57% DCL) - Dana Rohrabacher - MAP A 75% non-minority district in Los Angeles and Orange Counties with only 19.1% of Latinos, 18.2% of Asians and 1.4% of African Americans.District 39 (51.84% D - 25.46% R - 18.65% DCL) - Linda Sanchez - MAP A third of the voters in this district live in the Cerritos, La Mirada and Paramount communities of Los Angeles County. The district includes El Monte, Monterey Park, West Covina, Azusa and South Glendora, in eastern Los Angeles County.District 37 (60.29% D - 16.64% R - 18.55% DCL) - Laura Richardson - MAP The fourth strongest Democratic district in the state, it includes parts of Los Angeles, as well as the cities of Compton, Carson and downtown Long Beach.Centered in San Luis Obispo County, which includes most of Santa Barbara County and a small northwestern part of Los Angeles County, this area has almost always sent Republicans to the state Legislature or Congress.Trade Technical College and West Los Angeles College are also treasures of the District, each serving tens of thousands of students in the area.

Home to two Summer Olympics, District 37 is filled with important and remarkable historic monuments, museums and cultural attractions that add to Los Angeles County and the nation's heritage and pride.District 35 (66.39% D - 12.79% R - 16.79% DCL) - Maxine Waters - MAP The state's most democratic congressional district includes the cities of Inglewood and Hawthorne, as well as south-central Los Angeles.District 32 (51.19% D - 22.83% R - 21.86% DCL) -Judy Chu - MAP Formerly the 31st congressional district of Los Angeles, it is located in the San Gabriel Valley and includes the cities of West Covina, Baldwin Park and El Monte.The part of Los Angeles County includes the southeastern part of the San Gabriel Valley, the part of San Bernardino County contains the northernmost part of the Santa Ana Mountains, and the part of Orange County is marked by canyons.District 30 (50.57% D - 22.83% R - 22.08% DCL) - Henry Waxman - MAP This important urban district includes downtown Los Angeles and extends to the northeastern border of the city.District 26 (35.14% D - 40.23% R - 20.47% DCL) - David Dreier - MAP This district extends between the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County and western San Bernardino County.

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