3 Fascinating Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that has captivated the hearts of many. From its glitz and glamour to its diverse population and cultural attractions, it's no wonder why so many people are drawn to this city. But there are some facts about Los Angeles that you may not know. Here are three fascinating facts about Los Angeles that you should know.

First, Los Angeles is the only city in North America that has hosted the Olympic Games twice. This is a testament to the city's commitment to excellence and its ability to host large-scale events. The Los Angeles Zoo also includes a major botanical garden with a renowned collection of native plant species. Second, the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is a landmark and a tourist attraction so iconic that it's hard to imagine it would ever look any different.

But when it was built in 1923, it originally said HOLLYWOODLAND. The reason? According to Fodor's, the sign was originally intended to advertise a segregated housing development. It wasn't until 1949 that the part of “EARTH” was removed. Third, Los Angeles is one of only two megacities in the world with big (wild) cats that live within its limits.

According to CNBC, it is estimated that drivers in Los Angeles spend an average of 119 hours a year stuck in traffic. And, as the National Park Service specifies, these wild cats can often be seen roaming around the city. These are just three of the many fascinating facts about Los Angeles. From its Olympic history to its wild cats and iconic Hollywood sign, there's no shortage of interesting things to learn about this amazing city.

So if you're ever in Los Angeles, be sure to take some time to explore and discover all that this city has to offer.

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