How Many Starbucks Locations Are in Los Angeles?

This week, six Starbucks branches in Los Angeles will be shutting down for good, due to what the company has referred to as “a high volume of challenging incidents.” A Starbucks spokesman has attributed the closures to the current mental health crisis, drug use, and chronic homelessness that taxpayers are facing. The six locations that have been closed are Hollywood Boulevard and Vine, as well as the downtown store on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Westmount in West Hollywood. Zip code 90045 has the most Starbucks branches in California at 17 stores, however, this includes several at Los Angeles International Airport. The closure of these six stores is a reminder of the difficulties that businesses face in Los Angeles.

With a high volume of challenging incidents, it can be difficult for businesses to remain open and safe for customers. This is especially true for businesses like Starbucks that are located in areas with high levels of homelessness and drug use. The closure of these six stores is a reminder of the importance of supporting businesses in Los Angeles. By providing resources to help businesses stay open and safe, we can help ensure that businesses can continue to serve their customers and contribute to the local economy.

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