Is 'Ángeles' a Spanish Word?

The city of Los Angeles is the abbreviation for El Pueblo de los Ángeles in Spanish (lit. The Town of the Angels). Its main village, Yaangva, was located on the banks of the Los Angeles River and provided resources such as fish, nutrient-rich land and fresh water before it emptied into the Pacific Ocean. The most obvious origin of the name is a direct translation of Los Angeles, which in Spanish means “The Angels”.

Over the 19th and 20th centuries, Los Angeles was given many nicknames, ranging from “The Land of Eternal Spring” to “The Wonderful City of the United States” and the home of “Sunkist Skies of Glory”. We are all aware of the urgency that this situation requires and what is at stake. I applaud the Los Angeles City Council for taking action today to assign an initial investment to help launch my comprehensive plan to address homelessness.So, to answer the question: Yes, Ángeles is a Spanish word. It is the plural form of Ángel, which means angel in English.

The city of Los Angeles was named after its original inhabitants, who were referred to as “The Angels” by Spanish settlers. The city has since grown into one of the most populous cities in the United States and is known for its diverse culture and vibrant entertainment industry.

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