What is the Real Name of Los Angeles?

We all know that the current name of Los Angeles is “Los Angeles” in Spanish. The official name, City of Los Angeles, has been the city's official name since it became an American city in 1850. The charter of the City of Los Angeles, ratified by voters in 1999, created a system of advisory neighborhood councils that would represent the diversity of stakeholders, defined as people who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood. These councils are relatively autonomous and spontaneous, as they identify their own boundaries, establish their own statutes, and elect their own officials.

There are around 90 neighborhood councils in Los Angeles. Residents choose supervisors for supervisory districts 1, 2, 3 and 4.In addition to this, there are numerous colleges and universities outside city limits in the greater Los Angeles area, including the Claremont Colleges consortium which includes some of the most selective liberal arts colleges in the United States. The city also has rail service provided by Metrolink and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan, as well as intercity Amtrak passenger trains operated by the Los Angeles Transportation Authority. The main train station is Union Station located just north of the city center.

Furthermore, local and commuter bus service is contracted directly through the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). Los Angeles is also home to Hollywood and its entertainment industry with numerous singers, actors, celebrities and other artists living in several districts of the city. Griffith was one of the first directors to film in the area due to its mild climate and low-paid non-union workers. The city is also rich in native plant species due to its diversity of habitats such as beaches, wetlands and mountains.

Calship built hundreds of Liberty ships and Victory ships on Terminal Island during World War II and six leading aircraft manufacturers (Douglas Aircraft Company, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, North American Aviation, Northrop Corporation and Vultee) were based in the Los Angeles area. The official name of Los Angeles was given by Spanish settlers who named it “in honor of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula” which was derived from an upcoming Franciscan religious celebration. This applies to both residential and professional buildings in and around the city. Los Angeles drivers experience one of the worst rush hour periods in the world according to an annual traffic index from navigation system manufacturer TomTom.

During World War II, Los Angeles was an important wartime manufacturing center for shipbuilding and aviation. Outside some centers such as Downtown, Warner Center, Century City, Koreatown, Miracle Mile, Hollywood and Westwood skyscrapers are not common in Los Angeles. The city also hosts several annual awards such as Academy Awards, Primetime Emmys, Grammy Awards and many other entertainment industry awards. Latino street gangs such as Los Sureños (a Mexican-American street gang) and Mara Salvatrucha (mainly Salvadoran descent) originated in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles area is also subject to phenomena typical of a microclimate causing extreme temperature variations in close physical proximity to each other. The city has an extensive network of highways and highways outside some centers such as Downtown, Warner Center, Century City, Koreatown, Miracle Mile, Hollywood and Westwood.

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