Exploring the Art Scene in Los Angeles

It is the second day's artistic destination, where the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is located on Grand Avenue, boasting more than 6,800 works representing abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art, conceptual art and postmodernity. An art tour of Los Angeles isn't complete without a trip to Blum & Poe, whose founders Tim Blum and Jeff Poe were instrumental in creating the Culver City Arts District in 2003 when they moved their Santa Monica gallery to a 5,000-square-foot industrial warehouse in the new neighborhood. The gallery, once known for its specialty in abstract works, now represents more than 50 artists working in different media. As trendsetters, first and foremost, Blum and Poe have made a name for themselves by attracting international artists to the US market.

In recent years, they have conducted large-scale surveys that analyze global art movements, such as the Japanese Mono-ha moment, the life of Dansaekhwa's Korean monochrome painters, and a review of Brazilian modernism. Young Chung's gallery started in his Koreatown apartment. A space for emerging artists of color, queer artists and artists with intersecting identities, it turned its living room and dining room into centers for colleagues to work and exhibit on the weekends. Finally, Chung brought this spirit of warmth and camaraderie to the current space and created a showroom for those who would otherwise be left out of traditional or traditional mega-galleries.At Commonwealth and Council, the community matters as much as the exhibition.

You'll discover that many of the artists in the Chung network, from Gala Porras-Kim to Beatriz Cortiz, will always find time for intimate solo exhibitions with Chung, even in the midst of biennials, art fairs and large-scale exhibitions. Founded in 1994, New Image Art is one of the oldest artist-run venues in Los Angeles. It has become a reputable space for emerging and underrepresented contemporary artists to debut in front of an audience that is passionate about seeing new artistic possibilities.Before becoming protagonists of the Hammer Museums and Blum & Poes of the World, artists such as Tauba Auerbach, Umar Rashid and Barry McGee made their debut in New Image Art. The gallery has also adopted the idea that contemporary art thrives in less conventional places; this has led to past collaborations with Ed Templeton, Cleon Peterson and Chris Johanson, all of which have roots in skateboarding and alternative culture.There's no denying the business and taste that contemporary art dealer and gallerist David Kordansky promoted in the artistic life of the 2000s in Los Angeles.

In the press releases, the founders of the gallery made Hauser & tour with Wirth Los Angeles as a kind of educational kunsthalle, although most of the exhibitions here (from the current installation by Zoe Leonard to the recent presentations by Mark Bradford and Louise Bourgeois) have been clearly commercial.Los Angeles is defined by its many neighborhoods, which outsiders rarely see but where some of the city's most experimental art is exhibited. Regen Projects remains one of the most influential galleries in Los Angeles to promote international artists working in different media. The Los Angeles gallery scene is experiencing an influx of established art galleries in New York that move to the city in the late 11th century; so far they are here or soon.A corollary to its legendary car culture is that Los Angeles is a lonely city where it's fairly easy to dive into the rush hour crowd. Gaining fame as the capital of American art, Los Angeles is home to a thriving creative scene that rivals those of New York City and Chicago.

If you want to see the Los Angeles art scene from scratch, head to Downtown Arts District which is roughly centered around East 3rd Street and Rose Street.Step inside Los Angeles Art Tours; it's brainchild Kevin Flint who is a professional artist whose studio is located at Brewery Arts Complex on northeast outskirts of city center. Gallery opened back in 1999 had not been successful “as a cultural and educational center” wrote Arne Glimcher founder of Pace in letter to Los Angeles Times responding to article blaming economic conditions.Young marchers medium-sized spaces and mega-galleries have taken root everywhere in this expanding city making seeing art in Los Angeles a geographically and culturally variable experience. Artists have lived and worked around sun-drenched expanse of Los Angeles for decades drawing collectors from across United States. Danziger Gallery opened space at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station; Pace opened up at Los Angeles back in April joining L.

A.'s already established galleries. The gallery does not have tight theoretical agenda instead its mission is to show works by artists that are rarely shown elsewhere in Los Angeles. For years ambitious Los Angeles gallerist could go out on Saturday morning attend almost every worthwhile exhibition zigzagging through neighborhoods on east side before heading west.

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